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BlaCaDa (BLAckberry calling CArd DiAler) helps you dial long sequences of numbers when using calling cards or other calling services.

The application adds a menu 'Call using BlaCaDa' to the Contacts/Address Book, the Phone Log and other areas on your Blackberry to allow calls to go trough preset Calling Card Accounts.

Advanced features are available for BlackBerry OS version 4.3 and higher. Calls using BlaCaDa can be placed directly from many other locations where a phone number pattern can be recognized. For example the menu 'Call using BlaCaDa' will appear within the Calendar, Notes, SMS content etc., if the cursor is placed over text recognizable as a phone number. By default the advanced features are disabled and can be activated by selecting 'Enable Menu+' from the BlaCaDa menu.

There is also a FREE version 'BlaCaDa 19 Free' and LITE version 'BlaCaDa Lite'. Note that the free, lite and the full versions are independent and can coexist the calling card accounts are stored separately. If you intend to buy the lite or the full version you will have to re-enter the calling card accounts and it is recommended to uninstall the free one.

The main purpose of the free version is to try out BlaCaDa. It has a build-in limit of 19 calls. For the users who are not going to purchase the lite or the full version - the free one was intentionally designed to be used unlimited number of times. Check the FAQ section of this site to find out how.

Get BlaCaDa 19 Free at BlackBerry App World(TM)

Get BlaCaDa at BlackBerry App World(TM)

Get BlaCaDa Lite at BlackBerry App World(TM)

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